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Testimonials from Our Awesome Clients!

"Susan changed my life! I sleep better at night because my days aren’t spent searching through mounds of useless stuff to find something. Just having her working with me, side by side, motivated me to tackle chores I had put aside for years. Susan Carmody is worth every penny!"

"Susan is more than just a professional organizer! Susan has helped me create more efficient ways of managing my home. She is dependable and very good at what she does. I highly recommend her."

Lori from Bloomfield, MI

Mary from Canton, MI

“Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in organizing with our MOPS group. We have received only positive feedback. Young moms were inspired and motivated by your presentation. More organization and systems equals less stress. I love how you emphasized that, it is progress not perfection that we need to keep in mind.”

“Thank you for volunteering your time. I absolutely love the way my files look! The office looks so good with everything labeled and the file cabinets cleared of stuff on top. I am now going to get a plant to put on top of the file cabinet to make it look more pleasing. Thank you again for all you did.”

Trinity MOPS from Plymouth, MI

Brenda - Habitat for Humanity from Detroit, MI

“I myself have a large basement that had everything from soup to peanuts from one end to the other. I called Susan for help. I can’t tell you how wonderful she was! If I had tried to organize this basement, it would have taken me six weeks! Susan knew just what to do and in a few hours everything had a place and the rest was given or thrown away. She was a life saver. If anybody needs help with any type of organization you can’t go wrong with Susan. Not only does she have the know-how, but she is also a terrific person.”

Leslie from Plymouth, MI

“Susan Carmody has been helping me declutter and reorganize my home for a little over a year. In every room she has worked in, where there was clutter and disorganization is now spaciousness and beauty. My rooms, closets, cupboards and drawers are more serviceable and I can easily see and locate things I’m looking to find. I used to hate being in my kitchen and living room and now, since Susan rearranged the furniture, decluttered and reorganized, I love to spend time there. The rooms actually look bigger! Thank you, Susan!”

Nancy from Dearborn Heights, MI

“Susan and her crew are amazing! Due to health challenges, I was never able to get fully organized after moving into my new home. I realized that there were many things that I owned that I could not find but needed, I had many things that I no longer used and needed to donate, and that I simply just needed to be taught good organizing skills. Clutter was affecting my lifestyle and deenergizing me.

Perfectly Placed came in and made everything easy – even donating items for me and helping with interior decorating. As a guy, I’m not naturally good at organization or making the home visually appealing. But they not only helped me to do it, they taught me skills that I can use for the rest of my life.”

“Susan came into my life when I was going through a divorce. I had moved truckloads of boxes from a big house to a much smaller one. She was patient as she helped me sort and organize or get rid of many things that no longer fit my new life. She helped me to save some of my sanity during a very difficult time. I have since had her come back and help me organize my wardrobe to make my life easier when getting ready for work or trying to find an outfit for a date. Susan sincerely cares and is willing to get “tough” when I was apprehensive and wanted to hold on to items for memories’ sake only. I have made so much progress in the last few years and I credit Susan’s help and guidance. I will not hesitate to call her again when I feel overwhelmed and need her assistance.”

Dave from Farmington, MI

Debra from Commerce Township, MI

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