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5 Reasons to Try a Virtual Organizing Service!

So admittedly, a few weeks ago I had only used FaceTime with my daughters and had never thought Zoom would be used as the way to connect my family during Easter brunch. However, since COVID-19 flipped the world upside down, there are so many reasons to be grateful and curious about this amazing technology that is helping us to continuously connect even during a period of physical social distancing and isolation.

I am so thankful for having the technology to be able to connect with clients and family, but also learn something myself during this time. My daughters would be proud of my digital literacy and have also helped me to adapt the same services that I deliver in person to an online environment.


You may have considered hiring a professional organizer at some point in time especially during a time of transition, but you may not know much about virtual or remote organizing. You may be wondering, “Susan, what are the reasons why I should give virtual organizing a shot?” Well, I think it's a fantastic question.

I decided to put down some main reasons why I think this service is so beneficial, especially during the craziest of times! Check out my five reasons below:

1. Motivation – You just need to get started on your project (but it never seems to happen)! You put everything else first and let your unfinished organizing projects linger in the background. As time goes on, human nature is to get overwhelmed, and so you close the door and ignore the piles.

2. Time-Management – You might want to work in the evening when most organizers are done for the day. With virtual organizing, a 7:00 pm appointment is possible. We can work around your schedule.

3. Accountability – Most clients tell me that when I'm not there, (in person or virtually), they would procrastinate. With a customized plan and check-in appointments, it keeps clients moving on to their next milestone and getting things done.

4. Fresh Ideas and Sound Advice from a Professional – I love to see clients’ projects and give advice on organizing and space planning. I like to use a client’s keepsakes and collections as much as possible. I will also share my favorite go-to products and storage solutions with virtual clients. You can find more of the curated products that I use with my client's at:

5. Accomplishment – Nothing feels better than tackling and finishing an organizing project! Great pride and success come from getting things done! It will actually make you happier, calmer and in control of your life.

If you have any further questions around the service, or just need some advice on an organizing project you'd like to start, feel free to send me a message. I'm always checking my social channels and email. I'd love to connect and offer my expertise. You can start by sending me an email at, going to, or getting some inspiration over on our IG page, @perfectlyplacedorganizer.

Good luck and stay safe and healthy during these times.


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