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Organize your Teenager Once and for all?!

Organizing and teens usually do not appear in the same sentence. In fact, most teens dread being asked to do anything by a parent, especially if it resembles a chore!

These simple tips will help your teen get and stay organized:

1. Start with a home tour. Make sure your teens know where household supplies/items are kept. They can’t put them away if they don’t know where they go. This is especially true for cleaning and office supplies.

2. Use calendars to keep track of activities and schedules. A family calendar kept in a kitchen is a great place for everyone to coordinate their schedules. Using a different colored highlighter for each member makes it easy for all to see. A teen might also want their own calendar/planner to keep in their room.

3. Create specific areas for teens. Most teens are involved in sports or other activities where they need to keep their gear. Having a shelf in a garage or laundry room dedicated to those activities will make it easier for things to be put away and not plopped at the doorstep.

4. Update their bedrooms. By this, I mean help teens pack away things they have outgrown. Special things can be stored in bins. Clothes can be donated or taken to resale shops. Let teens have a say in the way their rooms are decorated or arranged.

It might just make them keep it tidy.

Organizing your teen is easier than you think!

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