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Organize your Closet once and for all

If you only have one rod and one upper shelf in your closet, you are definitely missing out on available storage space!  Items are tossed up to the upper shelf, only to topple down when you are trying to find something in the pile.  And who can find matching shoes and your favorite tote bags in the deep dark bottom of the closet?

The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals in Michigan wants to share some tips on organizing your closet and finding extra storage space:


1) Add a helper shelf or two to the top of the closet for extra things you don’t use every day.  Bins work great to contain items on shelves and can be decorative too.  Don’t forget to add labels so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

2) Make your closet have room for double hanging by using an adjustable closet rod extender.  This allows much more hanging space in a small area, especially if you're using those awesome velvet thinner hangers.

3) Place portable storage drawer units in the bottom of the closet.  These affordable storage solutions come in many sizes, materials and can store anything more efficiently.

4) Use the back of a solid closet door to add an over-the-door shoe storage rack.  So easy to install and use!

5) Fill any unused spaces with hooks for scarves, bathrobes, hoodies, totes, etc.   Command hooks are removable and permanent ones come in many styles and finishes now.

Organizing your closet and finding extra space is easier than you think! 

By keeping what you love and wear, and arranging what fits nicely, you will have an amazing, organized closet.

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